Invisalign Clear Aligners

added on: October 4, 2013

Chicago’s Grown-Up Braces Alternative

It isn’t only kids who have crooked teeth and sometimes need braces. As we get older, our teeth shift and can become misaligned, crowded and uncomfortable. Some people are surprised to find that even if they had braces as a child, their teeth are moving back to the place they were before correction.

The Smile Group can help with Invisalign clear aligners.

Invisalign is a tooth straightening system that uses smooth, clear plastic aligners instead of the traditional wires and brackets. These amazing aligners are designed as a series to gradually and gently move your teeth into their correct position. Invisalign aligners are comfortable, convenient and effective. Because they are made of custom molded plastic, there is no metal to cut, scrape or irritate your mouth. Though Invisalign clear braces are worn at all times, they are removable so you can continue your oral hygiene routine as usual and eat without fear of damaging your braces.

The Benefits of Clear, Removable Braces

So the fact that Invisalign Braces are clear is a pretty obvious benefit. You won’t be embarrassed by metal wires or brackets, and most people will never notice them in your smile! An additional benefit, that some people don’t initially consider, is the fact that these dental aligners are removable!

Patients tell us that this feature makes dental hygiene so convenient allowing them to brush and floss as usual. It also allows you to take your aligners out for a special occasion, public speaking, to sing, or to play an instrument. Professional musicians love Invisalign for just that reason!

Lose Weight and Whiten – All While Straightening Your Teeth!

Some patients lose weight while they are wearing Invisalign because of reduced snacking! It is an added bonus that many of our patients really appreciate. Another bonus is that you can use the aligners as whitening trays as well. When treatment is over, you may find that you have experienced a complete makeover!

To find out more about the benefits of Invisalign Clear Braces, please contact one of our Chicago offices. We’re here to help you smile!

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