The Honest Truth About Your Missing Tooth
added on: March 29, 2019
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Maybe it’s been a long time since you last visited our dental office in Highland Park for a comprehensive cleaning and checkup. That’s OK! But maybe now you find yourself with a missing tooth, or in danger of having a tooth (or multiple teeth) fall out due to deterioration over… Read More…

How Smiling Can Make You More Attractive
added on: February 17, 2016

You look across the room and notice someone. Your eyes meet. You smile. Suddenly it seems as if light and warmth has filled the room. At our dental offices in Highland Park and Chicago Heights, we know that smiles really are great connectors and communicators, and they also make us… Read More…

What’s Your Smile Say About You as a Professional?
added on: January 20, 2016

Almost every job requires a bit of face-to-face interaction. And your smile is the first thing others notice about you. Unfortunately, this could inadvertently lead to a misconception of who you are and could affect your career. Everyone at our Highland Park and Chicago Heights dental offices would like to… Read More…

Are You Missing Teeth, Chicago
added on: September 4, 2013

Discover Dental Implants from The Smile Group Unless you are a six-year-old getting ready to tuck your tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy, no one likes missing teeth. But life throws us so many opportunities to lose a tooth – sports, car accidents, slippery weather conditions, even roughhousing… Read More…

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