Celebrating 10 Years of Chicago Dentistry

added on: November 4, 2013

We are truly excited to be celebrating our 10-year anniversary. It has been such an honor to serve our community with personalized, health-centered dentistry, and we think this is a great opportunity to thank all of our patients for putting their trust in us. We are proud of our two practices and looking forward to building even more – so that we can reach and serve more people in the Chicago area.

Both of our practices were built on the legacies of excellence, handed down by previous dentists: Highland Park was built by Drs. Johnston and Gilmore, and Chicago Heights by Dr. McNally. We acquired Chicago Heights in 2003 with a team of three. We then acquired Highland Park in 2006. And now in 2013? We are a team of 14 and growing!

Over the years, our practice has evolved from their solo practices to a group model, ensuring our ability to offer comprehensive care, covering the majority of general dentistry and specialty procedures all under one convenient roof.

Now, on our 10th anniversary, we celebrate the future of our group practice model with our growing team as The Smile Group. We hope to continue to grow our “franchise” over the years giving more of the people you know and love in the Chicago area access to affordable, high quality comprehensive care and cutting edge technology! We think it is a great way to spread smiles all over the city!

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