Stay Strong, Chicago!

We really do believe that everyone deserves to have a sound, strong, properly functioning smile. Healthy smiles look better, make you feel more confident, and let you enjoy a meal and good conversation without pain or embarrassment.

Unfortunately, life can sometimes be hard on teeth. That’s when our restorative dentistry comes to the rescue – to make sure your smile looks and feels the way nature intended, we use the healthiest, most comfortable and most attractive restorations possible.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Everyone wants a more attractive smile these days…and they are looking for healthier options as well! For a healthy smile that looks and feels great, choose metal-free dentistry. Whether restoring a tooth to health or replacing an existing metal filling, our tooth colored composite fillings blend with the color of your tooth while repairing and restoring it to health.

Inlays & Onlays Treatment Highland Park

For larger restorations when a crown is not really necessary, we often recommend porcelain dental inlays and onlays. These porcelain restorations are not only beautiful, they are very long lasting and actually strengthen your tooth.

Inlays are the smaller of the two types of restorations. They cover and restore inside the cusps, or points, of your tooth. Onlays act almost like a crown, covering and repairing not only the inside of the tooth, but also extending over the sides to offer extra strength and protection to your damaged tooth.

What our patients love best about dental inlays and onlays is that no one can see them in their smiles! They are individually created to blend perfectly with your own teeth so your smile looks naturally healthy and bright!

Dental Bridges Treatment Highland Park

Missing even one tooth can affect your feelings of confidence. The Smile Group is here to help. If you are missing one or two teeth, and are not a candidate for dental implants, our Highland Park dentists often recommend a dental bridge. A dental bridge consists of two crowns attaching a false tooth to the teeth on either side to create a smile that looks natural and attractive. Our bridges are fixed, so they stay in place and feel secure. Patients say these bridges are so easy to wear, they sometimes forget they are there!

Denture Treatment Highland Park

Are you missing teeth? Are you sick and tired of dentures that feel awful, look unnatural and make chewing a job? The Smile Group is here to help. We offer full, partial and implant supported dentures, custom created to suit your needs. Unlike most dentures, The Smile Group’s dentures fit securely and look natural to help you eat, speak, and smile with confidence and comfort.

Retained Denture Treatment Highland Park

In addition to excellent traditional full and partial dentures, The Smile Group offers Chicago patients the innovation of non-surgical denture facelifts. We make a denture that replaces the tissue that has been lost over the years and returns the patient to his or her natural youthful look. Our dentures are custom designed to work in harmony with the muscles of your face, balance your bite, support your features and look much more natural and youthful. In fact, our unique procedure can make your lips look fuller, your jaw line stronger and more lifted, and your neck tighter.

Highland Park Dental Implants

If you are missing teeth, you aren’t alone. Over 20 million people are missing teeth. That’s right – twenty million people who might be having the same difficulty chewing, the same embarrassment about smiling and the same nervousness when they talk as you do. We want to help! In addition to our bridges and dentures, we offer dental implants for the ultimate in function, comfort and appearance. Dental implants not only replace your tooth, they replace the root as well. This means they are permanent, stop bone loss, and allow you to eat whatever you want!

The addition of our Galileos 3D Digital Imaging Scanner allows for an incredibly accurate diagnosis and planning for the placement of dental implants. By creating not only a full color, digital x-ray of the entire jaw, but also a 3D facial scan and analysis, underlying problems that may not have been noticed using previously conventional imaging methods can immediately be discovered and avoided. This not only speeds up the process of dental implantation, it also makes the placement of the implants and their treatment course incredibly reliable.


Root Canal Treatment Highland Park

When a tooth is severely damaged or decayed, you may think that the only solution is to have your tooth pulled. Before you panic, we have good news. Root canals can save your tooth! Even better, today’s root canal therapies are completed using advanced technology for the utmost in precision and comfort. If that isn’t enough to calm you, consider sedation dentistry for the most relaxing dental experience possible.

Oral Surgery Highland Park

When your family needs oral surgery, isn’t it nice to know you can have your work completed in the warm and caring Highland Park dental office you know and trust? While many dentists refer these procedures to other offices, we can perform extractions, prepare the mouth for dentures, repair damage, place dental implants, or perform bone grafting, right here at The Smile Group. For more information about our surgical procedures, don’t hesitate to call. We are here to keep Chicago smiling!