Your First Dental Visit

We’re going to change how you feel about going to the dentist

We believe that everyone who walks in our doors, no matter who they are or what shape their teeth are in, deserves to be treated with compassion and respect. This care starts with your very first visit at our practice. We take a lot of time at this visit, getting to know you and discovering the state of your personal oral health.

So much more than a cleaning….

Everyone loves their incredibly detailed, educational first visit and exam. Patients often tell us that no dentist has ever taken the time to really get to know them or explained things in such detail. We like to do this because we believe you are as much a part of your dental team as we are. We don’t ever want to dictate to you – instead we encourage you to participate in the process, making your own, informed decisions about what is best for your health.

In addition to getting to know you as the very special individual you are, we also take time to get to know your mouth. This may be the most comprehensive exam you have ever received and will most likely include x-rays, a visual oral exam, periodontal check, oral cancer screening, and a soft tissue exam.

The discussion with our doctors and the in-depth exam combine to build a foundation of trust and understanding seldom experienced in other dental offices. Why do we take so much time? We think you – and your smile – are worth it!