3D Dental Imaging (Galileos)

We are proud to unveil our latest piece of advanced technology, the Galileos 3D Digital Imaging Scanner. This unit, which moves around your head in a circle, takes not only a panoramic, full color, digital x-ray of your entire jaw, but also a full 3D facial analysis and scan.  This allows our doctors to see a complete view of your situation in order to detect and prevent issues that previous conventional imaging technology could not detect. The accuracy it allows for things like implant placement or jaw surgery is amazing. AND our patients can see a full 3D mirror image of themselves to see exactly how our recommended procedures will impact them.

galileos facial scan

BioRESEARCH Technology

Our partnership with BioRESEARCH Technology allows us to be at the leading edge of the most advanced diagnostic tools for treating conditions like TMJ and jaw muscle pain. From a using a Jaw Tracker to measure the range of motion of the jaw down to the millimeter, to using electromyography to measure a patient’s jaw muscles when chewing, clenching, or resting, to even more efficient TENS electronic muscle stimulation, your Highland Park dentist will always find the most effective and accurate methods to analyze your issues and alleviate your pain.

CEREC Dental Crown Treatment Highland Park

Getting a crown used to be inconvenient. First teeth needed to be prepared. Then impressions were made and a temporary crown was placed. Then you waited… and waited… and waited. Not anymore! CEREC crowns allow The Smile Group to create and place custom-made crowns in one easy visit. It’s the perfect choice for professionals who need to look their best right away, for busy moms and dads, and even for seniors with failing amalgams who don’t want to spend so much time returning to, and sitting in, the chair. If you need a crown, why wait? Ask us about CEREC porcelain crowns today!

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays allow us to get clearer, full-color images of your teeth, images that allow you to see for yourself exactly what is going on in your mouth right along with the doctor. They also expose you and your family to less radiation and are easier on the environment as well!


The DIAGNOdent is a special diagnostic laser that can detect decay at its earliest stages, before it can be seen on x-rays, and before we can see it with the naked eye. This lets us save more of your natural tooth structure – and save your budget too!

Intra Oral Camera Highland Park

Intra oral cameras are powerful, yet tiny cameras about the size of a pen. These cameras act as a great educational tool, letting you see your teeth, up-close and personal, magnified, and in full color. Kids love seeing what the surfaces of their teeth look like and can understand much more clearly why brushing is so important, and adults are always surprised at how their teeth appear when highly magnified.

Air Abrasion

This wonderful technology is like a small “power-washer” for your teeth. It uses dried microscopic particles under pressure, and can gently spray away decay from your tooth, without any drilling. Air abrasion allows us to painlessly treat even the smallest cavity and remove decay. Air abrasion generates no heat, sound, pressure or vibration, thereby reducing the need for anesthesia.