Dental Implants

If you are missing teeth, you aren’t alone. Over 20 million people are missing teeth. That’s right – twenty million people who might be having the same difficulty chewing, the same embarrassment about smiling and the same nervousness when they talk as you do. We want to help! In addition to our bridges and dentures, we offer dental implants for the ultimate in function, comfort and appearance. Dental implants not only replace your tooth, they replace the root as well. This means they are permanent, stop bone loss, and allow you to eat whatever you want!

The addition of our Galileos 3D Digital Imaging Scanner allows for an incredibly accurate diagnosis and planning for the placement of dental implants. By creating not only a full color, digital x-ray of the entire jaw, but also a 3D facial scan and analysis, underlying problems that may not have been noticed using previously conventional imaging methods can immediately be discovered and avoided. This not only speeds up the process of dental implantation, it also makes the placement of the implants and their treatment course incredibly reliable.