Need a Family Dentist?

Oral Health = Whole Body Health

Keeping your family healthy is one of the most important things you do everyday. You make sure they eat nutritious meals, get the exercise they need, get plenty of sleep and always have their regular medical check ups. You even make sure to slather them with sunscreen when they go outside. These are all important ways to protect your family’s health…but did you know that oral health can also have a huge impact on your whole body? It’s true!

That’s why choosing the right Chicago dentist can be one of the most important decisions you make for your family’s health, for today – and for tomorrow!

Dentistry Your Family Will LOVE

We want you to be more than content when you are with us – we want you to be happy! Every patient is treated with respect, compassion and warmth…and that goes for everyone from toddlers to grandparents. You might even have some fun while you are with us! This is important: when people enjoy their dental visits, they keep coming to them, and that can set the stage for a lifetime of healthy, beautiful Chicago smiles.

Healthy Chicago Smiles Through Preventive Dentistry

To keep your family’s smiles in their strong and naturally healthy shape, The Smile Group’s general and family dentistry focuses on prevention. We look at your mouth as a whole and catch problems as – or even before – they develop. This means less drilling for your family, fewer expensive repairs, and more of the fantastic smile nature intended you to have!