Periodontal Gum Disease Treatment

More than 85 percent of people have some level of periodontal or gum disease but it is often misdiagnosed or simply ignored. How is that possible? Many people either skip or avoid their regular check ups and cleanings thinking that when periodontal disease become symptomatic, they will go for treatment. The trouble with that thinking is that periodontal disease is very often asymptomatic (or present with no symptoms at all!) until it is advanced enough to be adversely affecting the whole body. In fact, link after link has been drawn between gum disease and systemic diseases and disorders such as inflammation, lowered immune system, cancers, heart disease, pregnancy problems and even obesity.

If we discover that you have an active gum infection, we can treat and heal your gums with a variety of new technologies. At The Smile Group, we use a combination of these innovative technologies for treatment that is more thorough and pain-free than ever before:

  • Ultrasonic scalers painlessly deep clean using sound waves for effective and gentle scaling and root planing
  • High-tech soft tissue lasers kill bacteria and remove diseased tissue
  • Powerful antibiotics, such as Arrestin, kill bacteria under the gum line with microspheres that stay under the gums for up to 21 days

If your gums bleed when you brush, or it has been a while since your last cleaning and checkup, please call us today. Remember, protecting the health of your gums protects the health of your entire body!