Dr. Francis Bugaj is merging with the The Smile Group!

To My Wonderful Patients & Friends:

I am very pleased to announce the merger of my practice with The Smile Group at Highland Park.  This year marks 42 years that I have been in practice and this merger means continuing and expanding your access to high quality dental care.

Effective April 18th 2017, I will be practicing at the new location, about a mile away from our current location; conveniently located at 806 Central Avenue Suite 201. You can now be assured of having routine and emergency dental care at your convenience. The Smile Group is the practice of Dr. Asadi and his wife, Dr. Amiran. They are a wonderful family couple that has created a state of the art dental office. Their team of doctors include Drs. Fisher and Xu, and of course myself. All of the doctors are excellent clinicians and share my goals of providing the best in up-to-date dental care. The Smile Group is committed to providing you with affordable long-lasting functional restorations that are pain-free and cosmetically pleasing, from dental implants to simple fillings.

I am delighted to be joining The Smile Group and excited for you to see the new office and meet the team. Doris and Andy will be joining as well. They will be there to welcome you to the new office and help you get acquainted. You can view the office and see the credentials of the team at www.ChicagoSmileGroup.com.

Over the next few weeks, I will be transitioning your patient records to our new location. Every attempt is being made to accommodate your schedule and keep your existing appointments.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at (847) 432-8080 or the new phone number (847) 432-4131.

I am excited about the merger and have great comfort knowing that when I am away with Doris, our team will provide the best in dental care for you.

Yours in Good Dental Health,

Dr. Francis Bugaj